Jenkins Family – 50th Wedding Anniversary and Family Gathering

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday (and weekend)!   We managed to shake off the effects of the dreaded Turkey coma to meet with the assorted branches of the Jenkins family at the Crescent here in Valdosta for a photoshoot on Friday. 

The matriarch and patriarch of the Jenkins clan have been married for 50 years!  Regardless of where you come from – that is an accomplishment that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s society.   You folks have our admiration and respect!   I still suspect that Lisa will kill me off waaaay before we reach that point. 😉

Shown above are David and Ellen Jenkins, and their two children.   They were a great couple to work for!  Thank you for selecting us to document this special family gathering! 

Next up is the entire assembled clan.  Cool thing about this session was that they were cracking jokes and smiling the entire time.  It’s always great to see an extended family that cares about, and obviously loves each other!

valdosta photography portraits

Be sure to tell MeMe that we fixed everything she asked for! 😉

L~ F~:

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