Christina – Tallahassee – Maclay Gardens

Lisa and I ventured south this weekend – heading to Tallahassee.  We had prospective clients to meet, an engagement shoot, and a chance to experiment at Maclay Gardens!

Hmmmm – a garden, eh?  I’ve been suffering from pollen related sinus problems for the last three weeks – and they finally cleared up by Saturday morning.  My choice on what to do once I got better ?  Why, crawl around a garden and get coated with pollen again!  I was barely able to talk by the end of the day.

We’re slammed for the next few weeks – so I’ll try to get some of our experimental shots posted when I can.  Below are images of Christina.  She was a trooper – putting up with my mad scientist like set-ups, and Lisa blinding her repeatedly with a reflector and light stick.   Hee!

Lots of images – you might need to give everything a minute or two to load…

Tallahassee Portrait Photography

Tallahassee Portraits

Tallahassee Portraits

Tallahassee Portraits

Tallahassee Portraits

Tallahassee Portraits

Thanks again Christina!

L~ F~:
  • Christina

    Hey Tony and Lisa! I loved working with you guys and can hardly wait until the next possible project! I can’t stop looking at them I love them all!!!!

    Once again thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again soon!


    Christina Sanchez

  • Jeff Gandy

    These are great. Nice work. Jeff.

  • Micki

    Love all of these. I told you my favs already! Great job.

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