Nancy and John – Valdosta Wedding

Last Saturday we were at the First Baptist Church of Valdosta to photograph Nancy and John’s wedding.    Aside from being two great all around nice people…  they’ve also shared the academic trail of tears involving Organic Chemistry, Vertebrate Physiology, and other fun courses required for the Med School bound.   But hey, I took ’em when they had quarters at VSU ~ so  naturally they were tougher back then.  Young whipper snappers and their crazy semester system!

Lisa is rolling her eyes about now…

Either way – Nancy and John rock.   Here are some images of their day!

Valdosta Wedding Photography, South Georgia Wedding Photography

Sweet golden afternoon sunlight filtered through the church’s awesome stained glass windows…

 Valdosta Wedding Photography, Valdosta Engagements, South Georgia Weddins

And of course, here’s one of the really BIG stained glass windows.  Note the smoochin’ going on in there…

Valdosta Wedding Photography, South Georgia Wedding Photography

All right stop, Collaborate and listen.   Ice is back with my brand new invention…

Valdosta Wedding Photography, South Georgia Weddings

The Singletary clan busted out some serious dance moves on the floor of the reception to “Ice Ice Baby”.   I must confess, in the deepest darkest hidden spot of my soul… I wanted to shout “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!”   Ice is a rocker punk now – how things change. 

Lisa and I hope you guys have a great honeymoon!  Thanks for selecting us to be your photographers!

L~ F~:
  • Miriam Shutes

    Nancy and John, I am so sorry that I had to miss your beautiful wedding! Mother told me it was quite lovely and you make a beautiful couple! I hope you have a lifetime of happiness and that God continues blessing you daily!

  • Jane Singletary

    These four pictures are the only ones I’ve seen, but I can’t wait to see the others! You were so patient, friendly, and professional. Thank you for capturing the most important day in our little girl’s life.

  • nancy

    these are amazing! we can’t wait to see the rest of them! thanks again for everything!
    nancy and john

  • Lauren Holloman

    These are beautiful photos and really capture the beauty of the moment and the wonderful personalities of both of my friends. I can’t wait to see more, you did an awesome job!


  • Stacy

    You just continue to grow as a photographer. I LOVE these shots. I think the smooching by the stained glass is my favorite.

    And I actually went and saw Vanilla Ice in Concert!!

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