Angie and Clifton – Wedding – Gin Creek

This past Sunday, we returned to the wonderful Gin Creek to photograph Angie and Clifton’s wedding.    Talk about a super sweet couple of kids.   Like all weddings, things didn’t go according to plan – but everyone worked together to make it an incredible day! 

Angie also scored huge points with me ~ I’ll tell more about that at the end of this post.

Here are some images from their day!

Check out Cody’s (the ringbearer) expression…  He’s not too sure about this “kissing” stuff!

South Georgia Wedding Photography Gin Creek

Hey, I’m not a Kissing Tease – here’s a good ole’ fashioned “Smooch”:

South Georgia Wedding Photography Gin Creek

I’m getting ahead of myself – here’s one of Angie getting ready:

South Georgia Wedding Gin Creek

Angie and her brother doing the “Stare”. 

South Georgia Wedding Photography Gin Creek

Their stare kind of reminds you of this popular web meme, doesn’t it?

Gin Creek Tony Harrell Photography South Georgia Wedding Photography

After a very long day – Angie and Clifton’s first dance as Husband and Wife…

South Georgia Wedding Photography Gin Creek

And yet another bride presents Tony with his own personal kryptonite – the Candy Bar.   Why must they torment me so?

South Georgia Wedding Photography Gin Creek

So, how did Angie score points with me?  Well, Sunday was a long day for everyone – but it was also my birthday.  Angie found out and had the DJ embarrass me beyond belief.  It was a real sweet gesture that I appreciated greatly. 

Well, now (three days later), I appreciate it.


You kids have a great time in the Islands mon!  Your full gallery will be up next week!

L~ F~:
  • Angie

    You guys are amazing. I can not wait to see all of them. Thanks guys… you are nothing but the best!!!

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