Krystin and Chad ~ Wedding ~ Valdosta

Wow!  We finally got to shoot a wedding in V-town again.  

Even better, Chad and Krystin, and their friends and family, were a blast to shoot and hang out with on a hot southern afternoon.  The wedding, and reception, were held at the stately VSU Women’s Studies Building.

Here are some images from their day:

The ring bearer had just opened the door into the bridal room before the ceremony, and I caught this quick glimpse of Krystin…

Valdosta Wedding Photography Valdosta Wedding photographer

Presenting Mr. and Mrs Daugherty smooching…  Check out the faces on the ring bearer and flower girl.   Our gender perspectives on weddings start early, don’t they?  Yes – my wife is rolling her eyes at me yet again right now…

Valdosta Wedding Photographer Valdosta Wedding photography

Chad and Krystin’s first dance.  They were making each other laugh and smile throughout the day…

Valdosta Wedding Photography South Georgia Weddings

All of the guests were wonderful… but a select few got special treatment from the bride (such as Krystin’s nephew here):

South Georgia Wedding Photography Valdosta Wedding Photographer

Chad and company bustin’ moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.   Behold the power of the zombie dance!

South Georgia Wedding Photography

We shot some sweet couple images of Chad and Krystin… but, they wanted to show off their defiant side.  

Here they are just chillin’.

Or maybe this was to indicate – “Enough with the pictures camera boy.  Its hot.  Let us go inside where it is air conditioned, and make merry at the reception.  NOW.”   You be the judge…

South Georgia Wedding Photography Valdosta Wedding Photographer

Have a great time on your honeymoon guys!  We’ll catch up with you next week.

L~ F~:

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