Brittani ~ Valdosta

You know, as we get older – events occur that let you know that you are indeed getting further down the train tracks of life.   Certain moments that clarify with pinpoint accuracy (like a laser) that your grasp on the zietgiest is flawed.  It has moved on without you.

My moment?  Well – take a peak at Brittani’s face here:

Valdosta Childrens photography

That was her expression when being told she had won tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert by her mother Tonya.  Umm, who the heck are the Jonas Brothers?  Are they good?  Did I miss something?  I’m hip.  I’m down with the kids.  I’m from the streets, yo.   Okay – I absolutely have no clue.   I’m off to groove on some Devo while I finish editing.

(Lisa is rolling her eyes yet again….)

To continue – here are some more images from Brittani’s session…

Valdosta Children Photography

Valdosta Childrens Photography

Valdosta Childrens Photography

The rest of the images from your session should be available tomorrow…

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