Denise and Michael ~ Wedding ~ St. George Island, Florida

Last Friday, Lisa and I headed down to St. George Island, off the Florida coast, to shoot Denise and Michael’s destination beach wedding.  The island is really beautiful, with development of the surrounding regions kept extremely low to protect the environment.  This translates as:  “Don’t go looking for a McDonalds for a breakfast Egg McMuffin if you know what I’m saying.”   

We would have loved to have stayed down there for a week or two – but we’ve got portrait and engagement sessions to shoot this week.  No rest for the wicked as they say…

We started shooting early in the morning.  Heavy cloud cover produced some dramatic skies for those shots.  The sun burned off the clouds just before the wedding – revealing super sweet blue skies (you’ll see for yourself below).   

Crossing the dune sea…Florida Wedding Photography, Tallahassee Wedding Photography

Interesting fact:  It is now illegal to shoot on the dunes (a photographer’s paradise) at the National Park on St. George, so we had to go with being in front of one of them.  Here is a traditional pose for a very untradional couple.  This one was for the parents…

Florida Wedding Photography, South Georgia Wedding Photography

I then asked them to “work it“.  Denise does the best Zoolander BLUE STEEL I’ve seen anyone pull off, don’t you think?  Mike was going for “pensive”, or “angst ridden”.  Clearly they could both model if they wanted to.  You can feel the sizzle, yes? 

South Georgia Wedding Photography, Florida Wedding Photography

You’ve already noticed that Denise was a beautiful bride!  Here’s a bridal portrait on the beach just before noon.  I’m overpowering the sun with studio strobes…

South Georgia Wedding Photography, Florida Wedding Photography

The entire island was filled with friendly people – including this boat and it’s crew, who came by during the wedding ceremony…

South Georgia Wedding Photography, Florida Wedding Photography

The ceremony on the beach was wonderful.  The couple was surrounded by family and friends, and the event was broken up by laughter multiple times.  A great way to start a life together!

Florida Wedding Photography, South Georgia Wedding photography

The families on both sides were awesome.  Add in the friends of the couple, and it was a major party on the beach at the reception.   We had a great time – thanks so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding!

Florida Wedding photography, South Georgia Wedding Photography

Party On guys – the full wedding gallery will be up next week…

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