Ashley and Clayton ~ Engagement Session ~ Valdosta, Ga.

Hi All!

Meet Ashley and Clayton. These two crazy kids are in love. Ashley is a doll, and well Clayton is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Good manners on that young man. Keeps calling me Mister Tony. We have the honor of shooting Ashley and Clayton’s destination wedding in April of this year at Santa Rosa Beach, down in Florida. That wedding is going to be awesome people! 

Check out some images from their sweet engagement session from last Saturday:

Clayton and Ashley – the fab couple:

During the session, Clayton pointed out to Lisa and I that Ashley had an amazing set of eyes. We’ve got to agree – check out those peepers folks!

It’s been a while since I took Organic Chem at VSU ~ but I’m pretty sure these two reactants are producing something. Heat? Steam? True Love? (Okay, even I’m rolling my eyes at that one!)…

Rockin’ it in a field. Sure, a field. Why not? It’s all about the ratios. Word.

South Georgia Wedding Photography

I like it when our couples show affection. Getting them to stop can sometimes be a problem…

Valdosta Wedding Photography

Clayton testing out his dipping technique.

We had a great time guys ~ thanks for selecting us to shoot your wedding! The full session will be available on our proofing site later this week!

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  • Dedra Edwards

    The photographs are beautiful. I might be prejudiced but I think they are two beautiful and very much in love young people. You see Clayton is my son and Ashley is already like a daughter. We’re looking forward to having her officially in the family.

  • Kimberly Graham

    Another great engagement session! I am consistently impressed by your skills, as well as your luck at finding the most beautiful and in love couples!

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