Cassey and Matthew ~ Engagement Session ~ Valdosta, Ga.

Hi All!

Matthew and Cassey (also known by their collective alias of MAC) are getting married in Madison Florida during the perfect month of April! We had originally thought about shooting their session down in Madison… but we all wanted something a bit different. So, we stuck close to home and rocked it in the wilderness!

Cassey was up for anything we suggested (a trait we appreciate in all of our sophisticated clients) ~ and was happy enough to drag Matt along for the ride. My comments about Matt: he is a “stealth poser“. A stealth poser is a person who busts out the awesome stuff once you take the camera away from your eye. I caught onto his tactics, and started faking him out. Needless to say – many of his incredible, inspiring images will not be available to the general public… simply because they are too awesome. You can catch them in their private gallery though (due up later this week).

Some images from their engagement session:
One heck of a sunset on the Lake Saturday afternoon…

Bringing back the sexy!

A classic couple portrait for the Moms!

Sunflare is the bomb!

Matthew bustin’ out the Mackin’ left and right…

Just a bit more of that awesome sunset on the Lake…

We’re looking forward to April 4th!   Thanks for selecting us to shoot your wedding!

L~ F~:
  • Andrew

    Great subjects + a great photographer = Awesome pic’s! Tony I enjoyed looking through your site, you are very talented and I know you will do a great job for Cassey & Matt. Have a great one.

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