Rachael and Alan ~ Engagement Session ~ Tallahassee FL

Hi All,

Another week ~ and another awesome Engagement Session! Meet Rachael and Alan. We traveled down to Tally to shoot their engagement session on a massive plantation a couple of miles outside of the city limits. Bright blue skies, crisp cold wind, and two crazy kids in love = pretty darn sweet shots.

Alan and Rachael are incredibly kind people. Both of them were nice enough to not make fun of my less-than-full-size girly truck. Alan was also cool enough to hide the dead Quail in his payload from Lisa (well – ’cause Lisa freaks out when confronted with the circle of life in nature). They also put up with my continual muttering about ratios during their session – so I think it’s pretty easy to say that they’re quite special. 😉

After the session, Lisa and I had to give into the temptation of the infamous Chicken Trio at Carrabbas. I wish Valdosta would bust a move a get one! Probably wouldn’t be good for my waist line – but a man has to eat ~ you know what I’m sayin’?

Some images from their session:

We’ll see you guys in April! Thanks for selecting us!

L~ F~:
  • Lindsay Link

    I am so thrilled to see these…I know that photography is very important to Rachael and I think she made an excelent decision on you guys. I would be very interested in maybe having my families picture taken by you.

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