Mallory and Jay ~ Engagement Session ~ Valdosta Georgia

Salutations Blog-Stalkers!

Wow!  Talk about cold and crazy weather in South Georgia!   Much like the Post Office ~ a tiny bit of bad weather won’t stop Lisa and I from our duties (in this case, photographing our amazing clients).

And speaking of amazing clients – meet Mallory and Jay.  These two lovebirds tie the knot in June at Southwind Plantation.    We have a couple of top secret projects cooking with Mallory, so you’ll see her again on the blog multiple times this year.    Here are some images from their session:

Sure as heck doesn’t look like it was cold outside ~ does it?

Just chillin’…

Jay gets to mackin’…

Stylin’ and Profiling…

Lisa just loves this Log. Who am I to argue?

We’ll see you guys in June!!!

L~ F~:
  • Mallory

    I absolutely love them!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of them..I’m officially done stalking the page until Wednesday 🙂

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