Lindsey and Jamie ~ Engagement Session ~ Valdosta, Ga.

Hola Everyone!

Meet Lindsey and Jamie. They’re getting married on Tybee Island in May. We love beach weddings, and by all accounts, this wedding is going to be amazing! Lisa is already stocking up on sunscreen for our camera bags (What? Bald men need extra protection yo!).

Jamie is a nice guy – but he dropped the ball when it came to the unspoken oath that all men take… That is, you support your fellow guys when they suggest a non-girlfriend (or non-wife) friendly movie like Watchmen as a movie viewing option to your significant other. With his foul betrayal – I was doomed to not see Watchmen on Saturday. Why Jamie? Why?

Either way – I’m over it. I’m trying to get on with my life.  I hope the pain will fade as time goes by…  😉

With my whining past, let’s check out some shots from the session!

L~ F~:
  • Lindsi Jones

    Wow Tony! I didn’t even recognize the downtown v-town alley. The colors are awesome in that shot and I don’t see the normal trash cans. Nice work!

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