Laura and Nathan ~ Wedding ~ Moultrie Georgia

Hi All!

This past Saturday was the first wedding of the year for us, and took place in Mo-Town (no, not the Motor City), or it’s more common name ~ Moultrie. Nathan and Laura tied the knot in front of their friends and family in a wonderful ceremony that had people laughing and crying at the same time (those are the best kind don’t you think?)!

They also had a rockin’ Dessert Reception. Oh yeah! None of this salad or meat stuff – we’re talkin’ quality desserts. I’m sure I have a photo or two of Lisa enjoying the Peach Cobbler around here somewhere. Doubt I’ll be posting it though… ’cause I like livin (you know what I’m saying folks). 😉

Here are some images from their day. The full wedding should be on the proofing site by the end of this week.

The ceremony took place at the beautiful First Presbyterian Church of Moultrie.

Some things didn’t go according to plan – but nothing phased our lovely bride Laura…

Welcome to the bling portion of the blog folks! BBBAAAMMMM!

Meet Jordan (Laura and Nathan’s Daughter) and Destiny (the daughter of Nathan’s brother Roger).

Laura and Nathan decided to see each other before the ceremony. This helped them be less nervous ~ which meant that Nathan busted out the grins every now and then!

Just before the ceremony. Laura is relaxed… and her Dad is thinking about walking his oldest daughter down the aisle…

Just before the prayer and their vows…

Behold the kiss..

Behold the man with the garter…

Laura and Nathan exiting the reception surrounded by friends and family…

A Final Wave before driving off into the night…

Our thanks to Laura and Nathan (and Jordan) for selecting us to photograph your wedding. Lisa would also like to thank the fine folks who made the Peach Cobbler (yep – she’s going to kill me when she reads this)…

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  • Erin

    I love these pics…

  • leslie

    i love these pictures!! laura looks so pretty!!

  • Heather

    The pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • Ashley

    AWWW! I love these. Im so ready to see the rest!
    My sister was beautiful… and Nathan didnt look so bad himself.

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