Kim and Andrew ~ Wedding ~ Moultrie Georgia

Finally! We’ve been without the ‘net for almost four days now. AT&T got us the replacement DSL modem today. I was going completely nuts… and Kim and Andrew probably were too, ’cause I was supposed to have their blog teasers up on Monday. Sorry about the delay guys!

So, without any further delays – let’s check out some images from their awesome wedding!

We seriously dig this relaxed portrait of Kim and Andrew that Lisa set up.  My wife rocks.

Kim’s lovely dress…

Andrew and his guys. Stylin’. Profilin’. Word.

The beautiful Kimberly showing off her dress. Lisa said “Work It Gurrrrl!”. I’m pretty darn sure she worked it.

A great capture of Kim and her Dad just before he walks her down the aisle.

The church was packed!

I’m a ninja during the ceremony. Even with my stylish black ninja outfit, and incredible stealth like moves… someone always spots me…

Long time readers of the blog will know of my kryptonite-like weakness for a wedding sweet bar. Behold my downfall at Kim’s wedding. Oh man, did I fall hard. Lots of sugar is good for you… right?

Kim also had us do a quick photobooth for her wedding. These are always a lot of fun. At this wedding it seemed that Kim was the most popular prop that people liked to use when they posed…

Thanks so much guys for letting us shoot your wedding. Special thanks to Kim’s Dad for stuffing us full of food (over and over – we’re talking like three plates. The guy wouldn’t stop with the plates…)

The full gallery should be up early next week!

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