Kimberly and Jason ~ Wedding ~ The Crescent ~ Valdosta, Ga.

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It’s Tuesday – what better day for a new blog posting, eh? You can smell the freshly shed electrons from here, can’t ya? Last Saturday, Lisa and I finally got to shoot a wedding here in Valdosta. Our first this year! It was well worth the wait. You see, we like to become friends with all of our couples – but Jason and Kimberly are my people. My peeps!

They met playing World of Warcraft online. They had the theme to Serenity playing when Jason and his brothers walked out. They had Captain America on the Groom’s cake (and it was a Key Lime cake too)! The list could go on and on… but you would rather see images instead of my geek-bonding session, right? Sure, I understand. Just remember, Bucky should have never come back (Winter Soldier my butt) – Marvel has a lot to answer for [that’s a special moment between Jason and I, dig?]…


Kimberly bustin’ out the fab…

This is Kim’s “something borrowed” from her Grandmother.

Kim and Jason opted for a First Look before the ceremony.  You’ll note Jason’s significant approval of Kim in her dress.  This sweet move is called “checking out the caboose“. 

Please meet Mr. and Mrs. Jason Keen…  oh, and the Crescent.

Taking advantage of a quiet moment to grab a smooch in the Crescent’s back garden…

Kim, with Kenya and Samantha…

Kim stylin with Jason’s groomsmen – his brothers Cody and Kasey.

Jason and his brothers waiting for Kim to arrive…

Here comes the Bride…

Kim’s dad giving her away with a kiss at the steps.

The Blessing…

Just before the epic kiss…

I suspect our blog readers imagined that there might be a kissing image or two destined for the blog.  Rejoice!

Wedding Cake heaven.  It looked good – I bet it tasted good too.  Lisa wouldn’t let me sample.

The Captain America Groom’s cake ruled all.  Lisa asked for a traditional pose – and BAM!   Pure gold.

A shot from Kim and Jason’s first dance at the reception…

Lisa and I suspected the toss might get a bit rowdy – but Jennifer dominated her competition easily…  We have no information on how the small child did in this wedding event. No wagering was allowed.

There was some serious dancing at the reception!  These two young men wiped the floor with the adults several times…

Heading down the sparkler lined walk way at the Crescent…

The wedding should be up on the Proofing Site next week! It was a pleasure!

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  • Amazing! You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for capturing our day – and all of the emotion. I knew you would. 🙂
    We had a blast – and the pictures capture that.
    You’re the best.

  • Kenya Tucker

    The pictures are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the rest. I cant express enough how proud I am to have been apart of that day. Kim, there are no words on how wonderful you look. Luv ya.

  • This night went by so fast. It’s great to have such detailed pictures to help remember things. Hopefully Kim was making an equally impressed face when she was checking out my caboose, can’t wait for that picture.

  • Peggy

    I love the photos! They made me feel like I was there! Thanks for sharing.

  • The Wedding was everything I had hoped for and more. The Harrell
    Photography was numero uno. I am quite pleased with the pictures and the background. They did everything possible to accomodate the on lookers. A job well done! I am a very happy Mother of the Bride and now..Mother of three more sons. I am blessed! Thanks for a job well done.

    I must add that Kimberly and Jason are a very lovely couple. Our families have much to look forward to, as our families continue to blend and expand!
    Many Thanks,
    Margaret (Kimberly’s Mother)

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