Natalie and Bill ~ Engagement ~ Nashville, Georgia

Hi All!

Last Saturday we finally got to meet Natalie (and Bill)! I’ve held a running email conversation with Natalie for pretty much a solid year now – getting ready for their redonkulus wedding on Jekyll Island this October! Sounds like it’s going to be packed with friends and family! Even better – they’re down for Driftwood Beach, and other scenic sights on the Island that make a photographer’s life easy to bust out the awesome.

And yes, I used the word redonkulus. 🙂

Natalie and Bill arrived just before it started to rain in Valdosta – but they were still up for the shoot. Good thing that they’re very cool people – because we ended up getting lost going to a new location to shoot. 😉

Anyway – here are some shots from their session…

Natalie and Bill – and Wally!

Jekyll Island Wedding Jekyll Photographer Jekyll Photography

I asked Bill to bust out some serious smooth mackin’ talk on Natalie… Needless to say – her reaction was, uh, less than optimal. 

Jekyll Island Wedding Photography

A classic shot…

Jekyll Island Engagement

A walk amongst the vines. Missing? Packs of crazed miniature poodles I photoshopped out. You think I’m lying? You weren’t there. You didn’t experience the horror!

Horsecreek Winery Nashville Georgia

One last shot on the Winter Rye…

We had a fun time guys (except for the getting lost part)! We hope your trip to St. Augustine went great!

L~ F~:

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