Ginger and Clint ~ Engagement ~ Leesburg Ga

Salutations Blog Peeps!

Meet Ginger and Clint! We shot their engagement session in the big city of Leesburg Georgia last Saturday. They were ready to rock… and we would have been if we hadn’t gotten lost. In the massively large super big city of Leesburg. *cough*

So, after no longer being lost – we all rocked it! Here are some images from their session:

Classic Stylin’….

Valdosta Wedding Photographer Photography

The Bling…

Leesburg Georgia Wedding Photography

Presentation (re-created) of the above mentioned Blingage….

Albany Georgia Wedding Photographer

Some barn smoochin’

Valdosta Weddings

Known as the “Adoration” shot. Guys dig it. Always makes the bride-to-be laugh.

South Georgia Wedding Photography

Ginger found this cool patch of wild flowers on the side of road. Presto – instant awesomeness!

Valdosta Weddings Photography

Some frame-within-the-frame lovin’…

Albany Georgia Wedding Photography

As I recall, more smooching took place right after this shot was taken…

Valdosta Wedding Photographer

You guys did great! We’ll have your full session up on the proofing site later this week.

L~ F~:
  • OOOO! I love Ginger and Clint. I went to high school with them, and I’m glad they’re in good hands. How awesome is Ginger’s hair?!

  • Jenny and Peter

    Wow!! Those are beautiful! I thought Peter and I were the perfect couple…guess ya’ll are..only about 30 or so years behind us!!! Can’t wait for the wedding. Looking forward to more pictures. love you both. Jenny and Peter

  • Aunt Tammy and Uncle Bill

    Beauiful – we are so excited about the wedding!
    You two have a beautiful love story.

    Love you……..

  • Hannah

    this are so good!! They do a great job & y’all both are very photogenic can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  • Melissa

    WOW!!! I love these pictures! I think you really captured Clint and Ginger. I went to school with them. I am truly happy for them.

  • Ginger

    Thanks ya’ll for the comments it really means alot that my family and friends can share our pics! Can’t wait til the big day!! 🙂

  • Kawanis

    Awwww Ginger and Clint!!! These are beautiful!!!! I’m almost in tears!

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