Laramee and Matt ~ Engagement ~ Cairo Georgia

Hi All!

This week we bring you a Romeo-Juliet love story. Two crazy kids from South Georgia. Trapped in a star crossed love affair – torn apart by conflicting loyalties. Meet Laramee and Matt!

On the surface – they are a typical sophisticated and stylin’ couple…

Clearly in love. It radiates from them like a solar flare (dig the symbolism – yes?)

Behind the pearly white smiles, and sparkling eyes… lies a secret. A secret that might shatter their relationship (cue cool soap opera organ music)!

You see – they follow different paths! Behold the pathos! (cue more cool soap opera organ music)!

Even though Matt has a scandalous alliance with the Ramblin’ Wreck – Laramee loves him.   He ignores her affiliation with UGA – as he completely adores her.  Will love conquer all?

Ummm… no. To quote the Highlander – there can be only one. Quick lesson to all future grooms – your Bride-To-Be is ALWAYS right. 😉

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