Kristy and Jay ~ Wedding ~ Adel Church of God

Hi Everyone!

Another November wedding done, and only one more to go until the official end of the year! Lisa is already prepping a “Honey-Do” list for me as we speak! You know who else is learning about the joys of a “Honey-Do” list right now? That would be Jay! Jay and Kristy got married last Saturday at the Adel Church of God. That place was packed – the wedding was awesome, and the bridal party worked it during the formals. I also learned a very valuable lesson (almost like an After School Special valuable lesson – anyone still remember those TV specials?).

On to the images…

Kristy gets ready while her Mom watches…

Some final touches to her hair…

Kristy lookin’ FAB-U-LOUS.

The valuable lesson I learned from this wedding?   Don’t mess with fans of Twilight.  See – I like to say things to help our clients relax.  You know – jokes/gags/etc.   Just before this image was shot – I humbly suggested that Edward Cullen was gay.  It would appear that this group of ladies dig the sparkle-in-the-sunlight vampire.   Jenna Pope, on the far right (lead troublemaker), can be seen suggesting that I be killed as quickly as possible.

A portrait of Kristy and her flowergirl.

Let me introduce Jay and his Groomsmen.  Stylin’.  Yes Indeed.

We found that Jay was blinking just a tad too much for my liking during the shoot.   Jim stepped in to help.

You know – I dig the negative space.  Jay isn’t quite into the concept – but he still looks good.  Eh?

Meet Jay and Kristy’s ringbearer, Logan.  This little man had a mission – and he accomplished it in style. 

Mr. VanMetre escorts Kristy down the aisle.   He looks a little misty.

The Adel Church of God was packed with friends and family for the wedding!

Lighting of the Unity Candle…

You couldn’t stop Kristy from smiling the entire day.  Seriously.

The Kiss…

Mr. Ringbearer gets some sugar from Aunt Kristy for doing such a great job!

Hey!  It’s a UGA Garter! 

When your photographers make a suggestion for a cool image… go with it – even if there is some pain and hardship…

It was worth it.  I’ve got them all serious and lovey dovey – but I liked it more when they relaxed and didn’t think I was shooting…  I wish I could make this a 1920 x 1080 image for you on the blog…  Thankfully – prints are available (wink wink, nudge nudge)…

We snagged a couple of shots of Logan’s parents (Carrie and Keith VanMetre) while we were out in the cotton.   What’s not to love here folks?

Jay and Kristy rockin’ the Bubble Exit…

Enjoy the mountains you two! Your full gallery will be up next week!

L~ F~:
  • Jenna

    Oh, yeah! I was about to go off with your head. Don’t you dare suggest my man might be gay 😉 The pictures look great! I’m so excited to see the rest of them. The cotton field shots are amazing. No pain, no gain. 🙂

  • Kristy

    The pictures are all sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love them soo much!!!!! Thank you guys for documenting our special day and for all your hard work. Cant wait to see the rest. :o) Thank you!!!

  • Carrie

    BEAUTIFUL!! All of the pictures are amazing!! I knew they would be, you guys have an eye!! Thanks for all of your hard work!! I cant wait to see the rest of them!! SUPER EXCITED!!! By the way!! I want a million pictures of Logan!! LOL

  • SusanandJesse

    Stunning pictures of our son and daughter-in-law’s beautiful love filled wedding day! Kristy and Jay are a beautiful couple inside and out. God blessed and answered their prayers. Looking forward to seeing ALL the beautiful pictures of their special day. Precious memories were made….thank you for catching them on film. God bless.<

  • Chrystal

    Congrats Jay and Kristy. These are some wonderful pictures that you will cherish for a life time.

  • Deborah Jacobs

    So glad we could be there for that special day! The pictures are great! The cotton field is perfect,makes beautiful picture. Love ya’ll Debbie & George:)

  • Glenn Hamm

    Sorry I missed the wedding. Beautiful pictures. God Bless.

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