Emily and Clint ~ Engagement ~ Thomasville, Ga.

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Last Saturday we froze in the morning with Beth and Josh – and later that afternoon we continued to freeze with Emily and Clint in the big city of Thomasville, Ga.   You would have thought it would have warmed up by then..

Anyway, Clint and Emily shrugged off the need for warmth… burning up the streets of Thomasville with their passion!  🙂  Okay – I’m taking a bit of dramatic license there – but anyone who spends time with them can tell you that they seriously love each other.   Lisa and I tried to keep them distracted from their increasing chances of frostbite by keeping them laughing.   It mostly worked.    They did a great job, and even maintained their stoic resolve when I asked them to get out in the middle of the busy street… ’cause it would be cool (no pun).   Let’s take a look at some teasers from their session! 

Sure – the sun is providing a sweet rim light – yet no warmth.  They suffer for their love!

Thomasville Wedding Photography

Emily doing some mackin’ of her own (more to this story at the bottom of the blog)…

Valdosta Weddings

A little dramatic movie poster style action…

Valdosta Wedding Photographer

So, I guess I should admit that Lisa and Emily were right about this image – but I’m not going to.  That’s how I roll.

Thomasville Wedding Photography

What time is it?  Well, Thomasville doesn’t want you to know apparently.  It was around 3:40PM when we shot this.  Clint and Emily?  Looking fabulous!

Tallahassee Wedding Photography

Aversion Therapy in the Field…

In Image A – the subject (Clint) is asked to use his best line to ‘mack on Emily.  Clint pulls out something like “Yo, Baby – are you tired?”…  (results in a suspicious look from Emily)…  ” ’cause you’ve been running through my mind all night!”   Emily, of course, immediately lays the smack down on the subject.

Valdosta Weddings

In Image B – we see the subject (Clint) and Emily both happy that her application of basic Aversion Therapy has been successful!  Lisa’s external praise (such as – “THAT’S HOW YOU DO IT!”) to Emily’s action was uttered to reward her well timed choice of layin’ down the law.  I, as the observer, only record the events.   I do note that Clint has a long course of this type of therapy to go through (I’m on year 16). 

With this training regimen established, Clint and Emily will reach self-actualization (‘natch Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) together in complete harmony!

– – – – – – – – – –

We’re looking forward to the wedding guys!

L~ F~:
  • Emily

    LOVE them!!! Minus B!! HAHA

  • OMG!!! Ya’ll are the cutest southern couple I have EVER seen!! Awwww!!! I am soooo happy for you Emily. Yay! You deserve it!

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