Heather and Geoff ~ Engagement Session ~ Valdosta, Ga.

Hi Everyone!

Last Saturday was packed with sessions – so let’s start things off with the ultra stylish duo of Heather and Geoff.   Their relationship is interesting in that they found each other, moved on, and ultimately rediscovered each other, (wait for it… AS IF DESTINY STEPPED IN) and have been together since.    It’s a great love story – and would make a pretty cool romance movie.   Now, if you threw some real vampires in it (not the sparkle in the sun kind of lame vampires – yeah, I’m talking to you Twilight fans) – then Geoff would be happy and we could continue on with our discussion of Vampires in current cinema (seriously – see the Thirst when you get a chance).


Umm, back to the couple!  They were up for anything (always good).  We’re looking forward to your wedding later this year (and hopefully we won’t have tornado-like winds that day!).  Let’s see some images, eh?

Bustin’ out the fab during mid-day sun at LHS where their romance started…

Since we were at Martin Stadium – I suggested a possible tackle or two.  Geoff was up for it.  Heather… not so much.

A classic couple’s portrait…

Geoff is a big Golfing fan, so we had to pay some respects when it came time to photograph the bling…

L~ F~:
  • Heather Colson

    Oh. My. Goodness. I love them! I’ll be honest; I was worried due to the wind and the hair issues, but wow. I’m impressed! Can’t wait to see the rest of them! YAY! 🙂

  • Geoff Hardy

    An amazing job! Thanks! I’m looking forward to the rest!

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