Whitney and Merlin ~ Wedding ~ Highgrove Farm Valdosta

Hi All,

Whitney and Merlin’s wedding last Saturday was wonderful! Highgrove Farm is always beautiful – but was especially lovely this time of year with all the trees, flowers, and grass in full growth mode (meaning ~ eveything was vibrant and green)! Lisa and I got the chance to catch up with past wedding clients (we’re sorry we missed you Candence and Josh!), debate what exactally is the best George Clinton song with the band, and photograph two people seriously in love. Let’s check out some images from their day!

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Whitney and the Ladies…

highgrove farm valdosta

Normally I wouldn’t post two group shots of the ladies… but, when women look this fine… you’ve got to give props.  Oh, and a nice car too!  Custom colors just for Whitney’s wedding.

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valdosta wedding photographer

Merlin – I’m sorry, Lisa made me post this.  This is when Merlin first saw Whitney walking down the aisle towards him.  And yes, Lisa was a little misty while shooting this…

high grove farm valdosta wedding

valdosta wedding photographer

Merlin looks like he means business.  “Let’s do this!”

valdosta wedding photographer

One of my favorites from the wedding…

valdosta wedding photography

The wind had some unexpected effects on the Sand Ceremony – but they powered through like the power couple they are.

valdosta weddings

I love (in a manly way) this shot Lisa took.

valdosta weddings

Oh come on… you knew there would be kissing…

valdosta weddings

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Paulk…

valdosta wedding photography

south georgia wedding photography

Chaos errupts during the bridal party formal…  and yes, Gang signs were thrown.

tony harrell photography

I love mixing the warm tones of sunset with the Finger of God ™ Lighting System. 🙂

valdosta weddings

Coming into the reception…  Merlin announces that school is now in.

south georgia wedding photographer

Yep, the dance was that good!

valdosta weddings

Whitney’s Dad was mellow during the Father-Daughter dance… but don’t be fooled.  That man can bust it out on the dance floor (we have photos to prove it).  😉

high grove farm weddings

Whitney and Merlin’s friends took the Garter toss and Bouquet toss very seriously…

valdosta wedding photographer

We had a great time guys!  Thanks for letting us document your day!  And if the band would have played Atomic Dog ~ I would have schooled everyone.  Fo’sure.

L~ F~:
  • Misty

    WOW!!!! These are all so amazing and ps-can’t stop from tearing up with Merl’s pics! Love them all!!!

  • Aarron H

    These pics turned out awesome!!!!! You guys did great!!

  • Candence Lowe

    Awesome job! Sorry we missed you guys too! That’s what happens when your husband works for Apple and people are busting down the doors for the new iPad! 😉

  • Kimberly

    Two thumbs up… but what’s new about that!? I seriously love referring you guys because I can be 100 % sure that you will deliver! Great job!

  • Whitney

    OMG!!!!! I love them all! But what a tease! I’m already ready to see more! Thanks for everything guys, these turned out fabulous!

  • Cathy Harrison

    WOW!!!! Great Pictures

  • Cathy Harrison

    These are GREAT!!!!! I love all of them.

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