Beth and Josh | Wedding in Forsyth Park, Savannah Ga.

What up Blog Peeps?

You might remember Beth and Josh from their engagement session posted on the blog in January. You know – back when it was cold. Ah, those golden days when it was cold! It was not cold last Saturday when they got married in Savannah at the lovely Forsyth Park. It was beautiful though – the weather cooperated by not raining (there was a huge chance it would), tons of family/friends/people showed up, and four photographers got angry with us because our bride had the audacity to actually reserve access to the Fountain (she’s a smart girl). Let’s take a peak at some teasers from their wedding day!

Beth was cracking up all day long with her girls!

Individual Pocket Cooling Fans for the girls – good idea – wish Lisa and I would have brought one!  Perhaps mounted on a bracket system?  Hmmmm…..

This is Beth.  She’s going to be rockin’ the scene the rest of the wedding day…

Told ya…

Beth and her ladies!

Logan did another outstanding job as a ring bearer (his first gig was back in 2009 when he was 9 months old).  He made a few brief stops to say “Hi” to his peeps…

Mr. Utter and Beth start the four mile walk down the “aisle”.    It was probably only two miles – the lense I was using compresses the background just a tad… 

After sprinting the last quarter mile – they arrive – still looking fresh and relaxed. 😉

Some bling-bling action!

Followed by the Kiss…  I love this sequence shot by Lisa.

My perspective from the back of the park…

Heading off to the Reception via one of Savannah’s many trolleys!

Can you spot me (Tony) in that mass of people?  Told you it was a big turn out!

Have a great time on your honeymoon guys!  Stay cool!

L~ F~:

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