Laura and Jimmy | Thomasville Engagement Session


Meet Laura and Jimmy – our first wedding couple of 2011! These crazy kids are getting married this January is a grand bash that is sure to bring Thomasville to it’s very knees. A party of epic epicness awaits their guests. And Lisa and I? We’re bringing the awesome.

Let’s look at some teasers from their engagement session, eh?

Jimmy bustin’ out “pensive”, while Laura works it for the camera…

Valdosta Weddings

A tad more intimate moment captured…

Thomasville Wedding photographer

Jimmy has a knack for golf instruction.  Here he instructs Laura on a proper golf stance.  He includes smooches as motivation (um, just for Laura though)…

Thomaville Wedding Photography

Of course, Laura is the better golfer – we’re talking Happy Gilmore quality power drives folks… but she does like Jimmy’s instructional technique.  🙂

Thomasville Engagement Photography

Jimmy proposed to Laura on a baseball field.  In this thrilling recreation, Laura critiques Jimmy’s initial proposal.  We love her expression! 😉

Thomasville Wedding Photographer

We’re looking forward to January guys!

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