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We were soooo glad to see October arrive this year!  Not only did the heat finally break – but October was going to be full of all kinds of cool engagement sessions, commericial gigs, and some seriously awesome weddings.   One of those fantastic weddings would belong to Anna and Craig!    The entire day was a basically relaxed affair – with about 20 minutes of high stress!   There was also a lot of crying (Lisa included)… immediately followed by massive laughs (just during the ceremony folks)!  Really, a very great day for two sweet kids!  Here are some images – please enjoy!

Shrouded in mystery and forest – the reclusive Zipperer Estate.  Site of this amazing wedding!

valdosta weddings

Gotta love the look on Anna’s Dad as he sees her in her dress!

lakepark georgia weddings

Purple?  Oh yeah – Lisa was in love the minute we walked into the Zipperer’s house. 🙂

valdosta weddings

We really love this shot of Anna…

valdosta wedding photography

A classic bridal shot…

valdosta wedding photographer

Anna was definitely rockin’ that dress…

south georgia wedding photography

Craig and his guys.  Chillin’.  In a field.  On top of hay bales.   It happens a lot in South Georgia – more than most people realize. 

valdosta weddings

Craig and Anna opted for a First Look before the ceremony.   Craig doesn’t look nervous at all, does he?

south georgia weddings

Craig – I’m sorry.  Lisa picked these for the blog.  I’ve been married 16 years – I keep my head down and do what I’m told.  🙂

valdosta georgia wedding photography

Meet Anna and Craig’s handpicked security for their event:  Coleman and Brooks.  They were tough… but fair.  

valdosta wedding photography

Anna arrived in classic style for her wedding in a fully restored Ford Model A…

valdosta bridals

Love the looks on Anna and Craig’s faces here…

valdosta engagement photography

Exchanging of the bling…

valdosta bridal photography

As mentioned above – there was a lot of crying.  I mean everyone was crying – including Lisa.  She took all of these up close shots – and I spent lots of time editing away the tears. 😉

valdosta weddings

The crying was always followed by laughter!

valdosta wedding photographer

You were perhaps waiting for the kiss?  No quick peck and go for these two.  I think it timed out to be around three minutes…

valdosta wedding

It’s hard to beat a Thumb’s Up.  😉

valdosta wedding photography

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Craig Willis…

south georgia wedding photography

It’s not like they needed any more practice kissing…

valdosta weddings

Mr. and Mrs. Zipperer bustin’ some moves on the dance floor…

valdosta photographers

Not much I can say on this…
valdosta wedding photography

Craig and Anna exit to sparklers… 

valdosta weddings

Have a great time on your honeymoon guys!

L~ F~:
  • Craig Willis

    I swear I was wiping sweat out of my eyes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Thanks for everything Tony and Lisa, it was a pleasure working with you both. We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

    -Craig and Anna

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