Sarah and Fritz | Wedding at the Beachview Club Hotel on Jekyll Island, Georgia.


Check out this amazing wedding on Jekyll Island with Sarah and Fritz at the Beachview Club.  I’m not going to dissemble – Lisa and I were somewhat freaked out when we arrived on Jekyll – the entire island was covered in smoke from the fires down in Florida (and the current fires in the Okefenokee aren’t helping either right now).   Happily, the ocean breeze kicked in, blew most of the smoke in-land, and we were able to get some awesome shots.  The particulate matter in the air actually helped accentuate the blue in quite a few of these shots (no photoshop) – so it’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned.   Let’s check out some shots from Sarah and Fritz’s day…

Everyone is a photographer now…

Beachview Club Wedding Photography

Everyone chimps too….  🙂

valdosta weddings

Fritz taking a break before the ceremony…

st simons wedding photographer


jekyll island wedding photographer


See – blue skies!

valdosta weddings

Meet Jim.  Sarah’s Dad.   Not only was Jim all over making sure the details of the day went smoothly – he looked after us and offered us drinks – that’s rare – and we greatly appreciated his kindness.  Rock on Jim!

south georgia wedding photographer


valdosta weddings

Jim escorts Sarah down the aisle…

Beachview Club Wedding Photographer


Jekyll Island Wedding Photographer

The Kiss!

Jekyll Island Wedding Photography

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Wirt…

valdosta weddings

After the ceremony, we headed to Driftwood Beach for some relaxed formals…

south georgia wedding photography

Letting the warm afternoon sun do the heavy lifting (lighting wise) on this one.

valdosta weddings

First Dance at the reception…

st simons wedding photography


jekyll island wedding photography

Before we left, we had to snag them for some romantic shots on the beach…

jekyll island wedding photographer

And one of the last shots of the night…

valdosta weddings

L~ F~:

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