About Tony & Lisa


Quick Summary:

Tony is a Geek.  Lisa is not a Geek.  They are in love, and have been happily married for the past 17 years (has it already been 17 years?).  They team up to shoot weddings, portraits… and well, pretty much everything else.  They only use their mutant photography powers for good – not evil.

They’ve been described as “quirky”.youll_love_tem

The Much Longer Version:

Tony originally became interested in photography during Junior High School when he was on the yearbook staff.   He then started to use the camera to produce images for reference material for his traditional artwork.  He preferred the air brush and pen and ink, and had the honor of having his work published (if you’re an old school table-top gamer – you’ve probably seen his stuff).  This background in sci-fi and fantasy artwork comes in handy… especially when shooting pin-up, or any other subject where manipulation of reality via digital pen/photoshop is wanted by a client. 😉

Lisa was introduced to photography by her geek husband.  A talented shooter in her own right, Lisa’s perspective often compliments, and sometimes clashes with her husband’s.  No matter how often he is right (and he is right, quite a lot), this difference in vision always results in awesome images for the client.   Marriage is all about compromise. 😉

– – – – – – –

It should be mentioned that Tony wrote the above biographical information… and was made to pay for the “and he is right, quite a lot” comment.  Seriously pay.

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We hope to have the opportunity to get to know you as our clients!

We can promise that you’ll love our endless debates, bad puns, and relentless exchanges of witty repartee!  Our only goal is to produce the very best images for our clients.  We do it as a team – and we always show up as a team.  We’re usually early for any event – and we deliver awesomeness (hey – it really is a word)!

Tony and Lisa Harrell